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Call Center Services:

All calls are verified by our skilled reps to confirm correct contact information, program request, highest level of education, area of interest, and all other requirements of the school. Dane Media provides our reps with a script custom-tailored to each individual client.

We offer two types of Call Center leads:

Call Verified Data Posts:

Dane Media call center reps call upon prospective leads. Once verifying the call, our reps obtain all the information needed to direct the lead to their best matched school.

Once a school is matched, our reps forward the lead data to the client. The client has then obtained a data post with a willing and able lead that has met their school’s qualifications.

Warm Transfers:

Like a call verified campaign, warm transfer leads are screened and all info is verified. The rep then asks a qualified lead if they would like to speak directly with a rep at their recommended school.

Once the lead agrees, they are transferred over directly to a live rep at the school. With warm transfers the recommended school is the only one to speak with the lead. After the lead has been transferred, the lead is never re-marketed to.

Key Points of Our Call Center Business Model:
  • Exclusive Data Partnership: Through our exclusive data partnerships, Dane Media is the first and last to receive the 100% TCPA compliant data.

  • Brand Compliance: Our team works closely with our clients to ensure all brand guidelines. Compliance audits are performed frequently to confirm brand integrity is upheld.

  • TCPA Compliance: Dane Media has been at the forefront of this arena. We have been capturing unambiguous prior consent from our users before the October 2013 deadline.

  • Quality Assurance: We have incorporated both LeadID and eBureau into our lead delivery system.

  • Optimization Efforts: Dane Media proactively initiates weekly, monthly and quarterly optimization efforts with all clients.

Site Placement:

We offer our clients site placement as well as branding opportunities through our niche web sites below:
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