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Dane Media wants to provide our clients with prospective students who are eager to apply to school and further their education. We want to obtain the best match for our schools by rigorously pre-qualifying our leads. Dane Media wants to demonstrate our value, quality and professionalism by establishing strategic long term partnerships with our clients.


Dane Media want to grow alongside our partners. Our growth extends to our clients, company team, volume of leads, and other potential platforms. Dane Media wants to expand without sacrificing its value of quality over quantity. We want to be at the front and center of lead generation.


Dane Media seeks to deliver quality leads through the proactive optimization of each campaign. Through vigorous analysis of campaign performance, we are able to catch mistakes before they arise. While each team member has an individual responsibility, our open communication allows for a consistently cohesive operation. We want to build trust with each client and ultimately maximize their ROI.

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