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Dane Media connects students and working adults to their most suitable education programs. We work meticulously on all of our marketing campaigns to match the most qualified leads to the best fitting schools. Dane Media uses innovative technology, sophisticated marketing strategy, and superior client service to deliver quality education leads.

Quality First

Dane Media delivers quality with quantity. Dane Media consistently works to optimize all of our campaigns by setting strict filtering guidelines.

We utilize our technology to target specific demographics, geographic locations, and prevent duplicates.

Marketing Intelligence

Dane Media effectively monitors and tracks lead performance. From delivery to conversion we stay on top of campaign performance.

Our account management and production development team work side by side to provide the ideal marketing campaign.

Call Center

Dane Media provides a customized script according to each client’s unique specifications. We manage our call center closely and always ensure it is in compliance with all of our clients’ requests and updates.

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Whether you are a prospective student, advertiser, or school looking to promote your brand, we’d love to hear from you. Please go to our Contact page and reach out to us.


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